march 19 notes - Today: Finish protein trafficking (Golgi,...

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Today: Finish protein trafficking (Golgi, into lysosomes) Lysomal function Protein trafficking Endoplasmic reticulum Soluble lumen proteins o Have signal protein Move from RER to golgi Golgi Camille Golgi Attempted to purify with centrifugation o Broke apart Golgi Apparatus o Extremely heterogeneous o Polarized everywhere o Assorts proteins o MDCK cells Experiment Infect cells with virus to investigate protein sorting If you infect MDCK cells, move to apical side How? Cell can sort proteins non randomly Only organielle that has capital letter Accident discovery o Osnium tetroxide thrown in, stained Structure o Transport vesicles Incoming vesicles fuse with golgi First meet with cis golgi Middle is Media Golgi Last is transface, transgolgi o Leave golgi proper and enter Trangolgi Network Discovered in 1980 Functions o Glycosolates Proteins o Assemble proteins into multimers o Proteolytic processing o Add Phosphates sulphates o Add address tag to lysosomal proteins MDCK Cells Cells grown on microporous membrane Once technology was developed by Milicorp, different possibilities o Carl Matlin and Keith Mastroff
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Viral infection of MDCK cells 2 different proteins looked at aplical surface see proteins from influenza virus HA glycoprotein on aplical Glycoprotien is on basal surface Question: How did the cell know how to sort the proteins? Knew all proteins went into Golgi together
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march 19 notes - Today: Finish protein trafficking (Golgi,...

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