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feb 26 notes - • SIRNA o Transient; will be picked up by...

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Anatasia Gangadin Page 1 10/6/2009 Today: Finish molecular biology methods Cell membranes and cell junctions Next week: Exam 3/3/09 75 multiple choice, 6-8 from the textbook PCR- Polymerase chain reaction PCR + Polymorphic marker = forensic medicine PCR amplifies DNA (the amount) o Start any amount, make grams Ability to use a heat resistant DNA polymerase o Thermus Aquaticus, TAQ o Can withstand temps up to 100* Celsius Sirna and Shrna- Interference RNA Blocks Transcription
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Unformatted text preview: • SIRNA o Transient; will be picked up by cell, but will not carry on through division • SHRNA o Can be held by the cell, can be permanent • Clinical Applications o Problem is cell access o Some are tagging Viruses, but hard to do o Specifc Organ targets = problem IE Targeting oncogene, how do you do it for one cell? o Study Apoptosis We can use SiRNA to block a mode of apoptosis END OF TEST MATERIAL TEST 1...
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