Biology 311 Spring 2009 Optional Research Paper

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Biology 311 Spring 2009 Optional Research Paper Biology 311 will offer for the first time in its 24 year history at Binghamton University the option of submitting an extra credit research paper that can add a maximum 20 points to your total grade. This is made possible through the addition of a second graduate student teaching fellow such that the course now has three senior instructors who can grade these papers. The guidelines for the paper are as follows: 1. All optional papers will be submitted during the lecture of April 14 th . Papers submitted after that time will not be accepted. 2. The paper should focus on a contemporary subject relevant to cell and molecular biology that is listed on the syllabus. Note that given the deadline there are a variety of subjects, including cancer, that will not be discussed by the time the paper is to be submitted but they, nonetheless, are very suitable topics.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. A minimum of five original research papers should be used as the basis for the paper and referenced appropriately. To do this one needs to use PubMed and BUs interlibrary loan system two resources with which you should become familiar prior to writing the paper. 4. The paper should focus heavily on the methods used to investigate your topic. The outline of the paper should be the following: Introduction ; Methods ; Results and Discussion ; Summary and Future Directions . 5. The papers will be graded as either fair , good , very good or excellent with 5, 10, 15 or 20 points assigned respectively for each of these categories. 6. The paper is to be no longer than 10 pages and double spaced with Arial font 12. 7. The extra points will be added to your total grade after the initial tentative grade distribution is determined that will assign the class average to a B-....
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