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Today: Afterlife project Stage 2 Next stage: Today work with Afterlife project How does the project work? Select Project (Today) Literature review o March 26 Progress report Find out if there is enough information for your project Probably posting references on Blackboard, TBA o April 2 completed review Probably compiling references to make master databases Completed protocol o April 16 Group report Progress Afterlife conception Difficulties o April 30 Completed protocol target BEST draft o Final due date TBD Points to remember
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Unformatted text preview: Problems encountered in research o Translations Some primary sources are in different languages o Bias Origins Romanticized Demonized o Environmental issues o Cross cultural influences o Culture versus Religion Separate what is cultural practice and what it religion o Cults (Groups not crazy people) Leads to different afterlife conceptions We chose groups to do project with. We also chose the religion/belief system we were going to research....
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