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march 24 notes - o We were not told about consonants •...

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Began today with exercise, asking about our favorite magazine. Thursday: Solid Progress on Afterlife literature review Short Progress Report o Blackboard Progress Report Human psychology as immune system o Skinner was reaching for this Evolutionary Psychology o Appreciates complexities o Takes content into account, situations etc Neuberg and Cotrell Selecting social problems Presenting to others Threats from others Relationships between groups Explaining Human Competence We are bad at making many decisions Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky o Neuroeconomics, etc Not needing evolution to explain anything Example of Logical reasoning test Cards with E 4 K 7 If a card has a vowel on one side then it has it has an even number on the other side We cant get an answer. Take contra positive o We assume things that are not there:
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Unformatted text preview: o We were not told about consonants • Redid with Beer, coke, age 16 and 25 o We got it all right o Cosmides and Tooby’s Judgment Detect cheaters We as a species can detect those who do things wrong Logical connotation means nothing We found which were the wrong people Wilson and Gilbert reading • How do predict how we will feel later on? • Overestimating • Over time, people equilibrate their feelings, but they do not realize it. • Conformance Bias o Always want to conform, want to be in Equilibrium o Gas and electric bill, have your standing relative to average, then add smiley and sad face Books • Richard Thaler o Libertarian o Nudge; improving decisions about health, wealth, and happiness • Dan Ariely o Predictability Irrationality...
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march 24 notes - o We were not told about consonants •...

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