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Feb 5 - • Use of concrete object to access intangible...

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Use of concrete object to access intangible emotions The fruit led to The sound of a voice The feel of the sun A general sense of peace and well-being A sense of celebration from the smell of the flowers Concrete object is a key to a lock The game of Love and Chance Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de-Marivaux, 1688-1763 The Wash Philip Kan Gotanda Probably the most successful commercial playwright Theos, “God” Shows up in Thespis, and Thespian (first person to step out of the singing chorus) Greek word for actor: Hypokrite Denis Diderot, French philosopher “The Paradox of acting” Is emotion “felt” or “faked”? That which appears natural is in fact highly artificial Your text talks about universal qualities of acting These appear natural onstage but in fact are highly artificial: Energy : must be channeled, controlled Control : (over) voice and body Focus : concentration “in the moment” Purpose
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  • Spring '08
  • Philip Kan Gotanda, Wash blah blah, concrete object, successful commercial playwright, specific historical period

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