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POWERPOINT Follow along Fig. 9.1 (p. 250) Know what it is for Don’t know the greek word “paradose” Paradose==parade If the characters have a name they stay on the stage platform There is an orchestra Orchestra is the dancing space Orchestra’s real meaning is a dancing space How does space affecgt performance? Outdoor space Performance is entirely dependent on the weather The sun provides the lighting for the performances Religious nature of the theatre When you read the play don’t imagine it like a movie, it’s more like the chorus moving in a formal way in the large theatre How did they project their voices? They projected their body so that everyone in the theatre can see The movement has to go with the space that is the theatre We know that their bodies were over-done They wore masks Some scholars believe that there was a megaphone built into the mask “it never hurts to have a little help for the actors” SKIP ROMANS Theatre is perfectly balanced At the end of Hecuba “no one knows” Some kind of order was restored There was an offer of an imbalance The price Hecuba pays was large Choice All greek tragedies were about choice ‘she kills his children, she blinds him’ offered him a choice ‘say the word and I will set you free’ she wants revenge, but she wants to be free
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24 - POWERPOINT – – – – – – – – – –...

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