2 - Does want a 1-2-3 summary a summary of all the authors...

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Does want a 1-2-3 summary, a summary of all the authors, wants to associate the subject to everything “woman, do the authors all agree about the role of woman within the family… yada yada” Paragraph 1 restates questions Two paragraph of the first author Third paragraph summary of second author Fourth paragraph summary of third author 5 th paragraph well that was an interesting question Grade: 70 BAD Thesis needs to go throughout the whole thing Classical --------------------------- / / / / Greeks Romans Biblical --------------------------- Socrates Plato- rewrote Socrates’ words Aristotle Remember when we were torturing dogs, she cut off legs, yada yada, why do we know that all the creatures are dogs Why do we know it is the form of the dog? According to Plato, it is the dorm of the dog; we are all born with the knowledge of certain forms Aristotle: you look at the here and now to understand the forms: the forms are a product of the human mind We create the form of the dog One of the first physicist First yada yada Comes up with a very early notion of gravity Interested on how humans make sense of this world Plato said philosophers should ignore this world Should ignore the arts Intrigued by the arts: the mind of the artist is trying to reconcile the perfect alternatives to imperfect world There are things that are simply good, and things that are simply bad
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Forms: absolutes Choice between good and evil, there is no moderation Opposite of Plato and Socrates Have in common that there are some internal values that you must be aware of
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2 - Does want a 1-2-3 summary a summary of all the authors...

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