9 - Classical tradition: – we were on the greeks –...

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Classical tradition: we were on the greeks spent last week on the romans Biblical tradition Hebrew scriptures We WILL BE talking about the Christian scriptures Paul and Augustine: read Plato and Cicero Hard to teach the biblical tradition look at issues of meaning knowledge, justice, relationship what is the relationship between the human and the divine? WHEN WRITING THE PAPER: know her opinion, but you don’t have to agree stick to the text, not a profession of faith Protestant: use only the text - In popular tradition: Adam and Eve ate an apple, in the book it is the fruit of the tree - If you have to write about what they ate, write about the fruit, not the apple Gensis 4, verse 4, verse 2 Cain, Able God like the meat guy, not the fruit and vegetable guy People argue about why God slew Able and not Cain Reason is not in the bible THE TEXT DOESN’T SAY Don’t put it in the paper = Suposively Moses wrote the first five books of the bible “compilers” wrote the bible Gensis 1, VERSE 1 Notice there is a time line She always thought the creation of light had sound effects Not in text Isn’t this a big time God? What does he look like? The spirit of god was moving over the water Gensis 3, Verse 8
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They heard the sound of the lord god walking in the garden, in the cool of the day…. . God can’t find Adam and Eve fighting in the trees
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9 - Classical tradition: – we were on the greeks –...

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