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What do all Christians have in common Make essay all have to do with one topic All the authors agree on one thing Not about the authors more about the theme What do all the Christians have in common? All the different churches Jesus was sent by god 1. Redemptive powers of Jesus 2. Divine inspirations of the Bible (jews and Muslims also believe in the divine inspiration) the bible: literal interpretation vs. symboliticinterpretation vs. etc. 3. Monotheists (jews and muslims as well) 4. Divine reward and punishment (jews and muslims) 5. Communion – sign of covenant Why do we have so many takes on this? Mathrew was written by a jew, who converted to Christianity Made it acceptable for jessus to be accepted by a Christian background Luke was greek who was not jewsus, and converted to Christianity Luke’s goal was that you can be both intelligent and greek, and can add to Christianity WHAT DID MARK DO? She doesn’t remember the history of mark Another component of the Christians scriptures 1. Gospels and acts 2. Epistles/letters if we are going to be Christian, do we have to be jewish first? (paul) then do we need to be circumsized other we will be reading James, yada yada 80-85 dated, Mathew Mathew most sophisticated
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