30 - – Learn more from hell than heaven – Jesus uses...

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Unformatted text preview: – Learn more from hell than heaven – Jesus uses deauteronomy 12 times in the beginning of Mathew – Jesus and his 5 sermons – Compared them to moses – Why 5? 5 books of moses – LAST CLASS – Biblical tradition: if you can see repeatitive numbers than you can believe that there is something bigger – In order to achieve the kingdom of god you must not only control your actions, but you also have to control your thoughts (Christian traditions) – Remainig chapters: from 13-24 are examples of jesus’s teachings – Intructions to his church – Big elaborate ceremonites in this world are not important because of the next world – Last chapters of Mathew – Chapter 26, verse 26 ○ Blood of covenent ○ Known in many Christian communities as the communion ○ Are you really chomping on jesus’s body? – Mathew makes it clear you don’t need a church – Mathew is easy because it only focus’s on one thing ○ Focus’s on the individual ○ This is the new covenent ○ Old covenent is circumcisim ○ Jesus is substituting the old convenent with a communion ○ Jesus is gender neutral ○ Circumcism is men only ○ Jesus – Last chapter ○ 28, verse 18 Mathew is explicitly showing the message Becomes the Christ or messiah to all people And jesus came and said to them all the authority of earth….” • All nations • He’s putting them together • It’s all people • He doesn’t say just go and talk to the chosen people • Know that I am with you always to the close of the age • It explicitely broadens jesus’s teachings • He fulfills his goals of writing the text • He is saying it is okay to be jewish and believe in jesus – Augustine: can you be non-jewish and become a Christian Can you be intelligent and become a Christian More complicated because it goes through more than one: jewdism – Acts of the aupostles ○ Act 1, verse 1 ○ The first book is the gospil of luke ○ One of the significants of acts is the formal introduction of the ohly spirit ○ Penticost It is 50 days after easter On most Christian calanders today it is celebrated on the 7 th Sunday after easter New deciples Surviving deciples must replace jewdase • How can we hear them all talking in the same language • Talking about a passage I didn’t hear • It is really spectacular • It solves two problems that we have been talking about since the Hebrew scriptures ○ Tower of bable is addressed Cool thing ○ Andother cool thing the holy spirit thing does: Deliciously irrational experience Humans have a hard time overcoming their intelligence and their experience Non-rational spiritual event It just comes All they did is pick the number 12: all of a sudden...
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30 - – Learn more from hell than heaven – Jesus uses...

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