1 - Pau- wrote letters to Romans (sources based primarily...

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Pau- wrote letters to Romans (sources based primarily based on intellect) Classical ------ European Tradition --- (out of those two) Dante’s Inferno, Shakespeare, yada (sources based primarily on revelation) Biblical ------- Hebrew scriptures, Christian scriptures revelation—not intellectual, howdo they get merged into the European tradition? Paul, Augustine -Pual and Augustine are the merging point/bridge between the two sepearte traditions - HOW??? take Plato, and use plato to explain Christianity Plato will never go away Synthesis Historians are pretty boring Think thusedides Fills her with admiration when she sees someone who has a synthesis Paul starts intellectual synthesis Romans letters by James, Paul, etc write letters to various Christian congregations Paul Letter from paul - Romans (remember sol becomes paul) paul is beheaded in 66CE Mathew makes it very clear that jewdiasm is the foundation of christiniaty If you want to become Christian, do you have to pass through jewdism ---- if you are a man, do you have to be circumsized? what is the relationship between christiniaty and jewdism In response to the questions from Rome, Paul writes his letter he has his answers first revealed “romans 1, verse 16” for I am not ashamed of the gospel… you can be intelegent , have revelation, and still get somewhere power of god for salvation (thesis statement, that is what the bible promises) you must believe to have faith that’s it to the jew first, and also to the greek jews got the word of god first
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issue of timing, maybe together Paul writes a thesis on the importance of faith He is sharp enough Professor obviously respecs him Then he goes into “what about these laws” CHAPTER 2 Tribulation and stress to anyone “… verse 9 Doesn’t mean jews are obligated to be ritious Jews will be zapped Verse 11 universilizes tradition Next part of chapter: where plato really comes in One of the characteristics of jews: they are the people of the law Does the law give you the leg up on the race toward heaven? Chapter 2: verse 14 When gentiles … they are a law to themselves… Paul says that when you take: All want to be better Paul says we are all born yearning for rightiousness and goodstuff By nature we are born with the striving to understand The world of the forms Change it to the world of God It all radiates downward | | | | | it is possible for everyone to know what is right righteous actions, what we should do, just as the world of the forms: we recognize the forms we understand when we are born what G-d wants us to do doesn’t need written law in your soul you know right from wrong: you know actions that are worthy, that are likely to be approved
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1 - Pau- wrote letters to Romans (sources based primarily...

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