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FINAL EXAM REVIEW SHEET Hist. 112, Prof. Zander _____________________________________________________________________________ _ --- Know the context of revolutions going on in Europe and America in the late 18 th century ----Know how France was socially organized in the pre-revolutionary regime i.e. the 3 Estates ----Understand the increasing pressure on the peasant community and the different taxes, services, obligations etc. that were squeezing them ---Understand the eight major trends that I described that were all contributing forces to the French Revolution ---Know what crisis brought collapse in France in 1787 and what the French Govt. did about it… i.e. the calling of the Estates General -----Know how the distribution of votes to the various “Estates” gave the 3 rd Estate a true voice ----Know the basic story of the Revolution….TennisCt. Oath, the Night of August 4 (and the abolition of the Feudal Order), the Great Fear, the Storming of the Bastille, the Women’s March to Versailles, the role of the Sans-Culottes, the Terror ----Understand the political contest between the Mountain and the Girondistes ----Know about the role of the Committee of Public Safety and Maximilien Robespierre…the policy of “terror” ________________________________ ---Know what the Directory was and how it was struggling from 1795-1798 ----Know the basic bio. Material on Napoleon Bonaparte…birth in Corsica, education, early military success ---Know about his successes in Itlay and about his Egyptian Campaign ---Know the date when Napoleon took power (1798) and then declared the Emipre (1804) ---Know the important tenets of the “Code Napoleon” ----Understand his economic model of the “Continental System” and its mixed results ---You should know about the battles of Abukir and Trafalgar and understand their significance ----You should know about Napoleon’s military struggles in Russia
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---Know about his capture and exile to Elba and then the famous “100 Days” as he re-entered and retook France ----You should also know about Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo in 1815 _______________________________ ---You should know the 4 defining characteristics of the Industrial Revolution that the professor discussed in class ---You should have a basic understanding of the chain of events that contributed to Industrial Rev. in England………..the Agricultural Rev., the Enclosure movement, and the great increase in wage labor which resulted in a huge increase in demand for manufactured consumer goods ---Know some of the important technical devices we discussed, spinning jenny, power loom, the steam engine, railroads ----You should certainly understand the many difficulties that the shift to mechanized industry caused people; unemployment, insecurity, loss of control over their work environment, the need to move to squalid urban cities, the terrible working conditions in early factories, and the shift from task-oriented work to time-oriented work.
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