REL 121 The World of the New Testament

REL 121 The World of the New Testament - REL 121 The World...

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Unformatted text preview: REL 121 The World of the New Testament • Three terms for areas of the new testament: o Polis “urban center” dominated by aristocrats, elite, wealthy educated lived in center, 5-10% of population. Urban poor, slaves, o Chora agricultural or productive region that surrounds polis, 6-10 miles, peasants or agricultural workers live, 90% of population. Independent (Knemon/Gorgios), tenant (Dryas), slave (Lamon). o Took 19 people to feed themselves and 100 more (brigands). o Eremos – non productive land that live between one polis region and next one, too far away, dry, wet, high, to be productive. o In Mark, John the Baptist was introduced, preaching his message in the Eremos (Palestine), baptizing people from Jerusalem and surrounding Chora. • Mageiros (slave), sacrificer, butcher chef and is used and hired by others. Live in both Chora and Polis. • Kyrios also goes between, responsible for marrying off the daughter. CHORA Menander (playwright) • Homer then Menander were top two playwrights of the time • few plays survived of his, papyrus was found in Egypt with stories, contracts. • Discovered in 1950, this book was dug up Plot of “Bad Tempered Man”: • Took place in 1 day • Athens 316 B.C. • Main character is an independent peasant , rich enough to own and work his own land. • Sostratos is an aristocrat from Athens who was hunting and has spotted the daughter, fell in love because Pan (deity) who overseas things. He is a God of the Chora, teaches herders how to do their tasks, a God that ensures continuing fertility of the herds that the herders watch. Pan is a loner, doesn’t like people. Sends his slave to bring up the issue of marriage, but the father scares him away by throwing things. • G says that if he works with him then there is a chance • Sikon o He is not a slave of the household but has been hired for the day to prepare the meal o He brings Getas who is a slave as his assistant o He has a change of heart because he realizes that people are not always selfish, might act altruistically which is what G had done. He was not obligated to do anything because he was the son of the woman whose husband died then she married Annamad’s daughter, the mother and G moved into another house and the daughter and other 2 lived in another house. o M pulls him out of the well and saves his life, he has the change of heart and decides to give him adopts him as his son, he will inherit the property and gives him responsibility to marry off his sister. o Problem of the play is solved and G engages his now sister to S REL 121 The World of the New Testament o S wants him to marry his sister. • Inventions of thought and behavior that govern the actions in the new testament • Conventions of behavior o How you marry someone to someone else o Typically the father is responsible, official engager of the daughter to her husband o This role is that of a kyrios or person responsible for marrying off girl o S wants to negotiate with the father instead of the daughter about marriage...
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REL 121 The World of the New Testament - REL 121 The World...

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