Team 1-1 - Team 1 A Final Two Interviews Schedule March 9th...

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Team 1 A. Final Two Interviews Schedule: March 9 th , 2009 9:30AM Do the follow up interview of managerial staff. Nate Kathleen March 11 th , 2009 9:30AM Interview employees. Carol Kate Will Julei If any of this is incorrect email me and I’ll update. Each group may want to get together pre-interview and go over what will be said, meeting times, whatever. If a list of questions is made perhaps we should email it out to all the team members before we interview as well? To get everyone’s input, more questions, etc. B. Progress Report The Monday we come back from spring break, March 23 rd , we have a presentation. I think it will be relatively informal but we should def. do some prep so we’ll be ready to go when we come back (after all the interviews are completed). Below is the description of what the presentation should entail. Since there isn’t anything specific in our syllabus about what this presentation should consist of and because it’s called a progress report presentation, I think we are just required to sum up where we are. Talk about what we have done, maybe what we have learned, the company we interviewed, etc, etc. The presentation has to be 10 min then the class can ask questions, discuss, whatever. I guess before that Monday we should have a general idea of what we want to say. I think it
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Team 1-1 - Team 1 A Final Two Interviews Schedule March 9th...

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