Traducción de la Casa Nueva

Traducción de la Casa Nueva - Henry Osmar Salas Lazo...

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Henry Osmar Salas Lazo Survey of Latin American Literature La Casa Nueva (Traducción en Ingles) 22/01/08 Of course I do not believe in luck, Mom. You are like my dad now. Do not tell me he was a dreamer; he was a sick man -- I apologize for that. What else? For me, fortune is there or it is simply not. There is not such a thing as us winning the lottery. What lottery? No, mom. Life is not an illusion; it’s life, and that is it. Children believe in everything: “I’m going to bring you the little bed”, and so they wait and forget about it. Even tough, I tell you. Sometimes, time goes by and one denies forgetting some promises; like that afternoon in which dad took me to the new house of the Anzures neighborhood. The trip in the truck, from San Rafael, it looked different to me, mom. Like it was other… I was looking at the trees --they are called ash trees, he said-, the flowerpots filled with orange and yellow flowers -- they are sunflowers and daisies --he said. Thousands of times we had gone through Melchor Ocampo, but never until Gutemberg. I started to like more and more the extent and tidiness of those streets. I did not want to remember San Rafael, too sad and old: “It is not dirty, it is just the aging”- always whining, mom. Do you remember?
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Traducción de la Casa Nueva - Henry Osmar Salas Lazo...

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