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4 PROBLEM: Use the PivotTable tool to tabulate the sum of salary for each department by each job title as well as the grand totals as shown in the PivotTable layout below. Note that the summary results can be filtered on the employee’s gender if needed. The salary amounts are $ formatted with no decimal places. Place the PivotTable in a new worksheet and name the worksheet Problem #4 . Write in the Word document how the salary expenses compare among the job titles? Add the
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Unformatted text preview: PivotTable content in the Word document. ANSWER: Pivot table: Sum of Salary Title Department Manage r Enginee r CSR Staff Grand Total Engineering 54500 658140 33000 745640 Human Resources 43000 38000 81000 Management 267240 32000 299240 Marketing 165900 76800 242700 Grand Total 364740 658140 165900 179800 1368580 From the pivot table above, we can determine that in sum Engineers are paid more than any other job title....
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