Team 1 - Progress Report Team 1 The organization our group...

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Progress Report – Team 1 th near Shepherd and Durham in Houston, Texas. We chose this business because of a few important factors. First it is a sustainable development organization that recycles and disposes of scrap metal properly; it was easily accessible; it has been in business since 1979; it operates in an ecologically safe manner by complying with all federal, state and local laws. C & D Scrap Metal, a second generation family business, is a member of the Greater Heights Chamber of Commerce and one of the original scrap metal dealers in the Houston metropolitan area. But what exactly does a scrap metal business do? This type of business handles, processes and ships non-ferrous and ferrous scrap metals, such as copper, brass, aluminum, steel, iron and lead, just to name a few. They strip and separate metal into vital secondary raw material used in the production of new high quality metals. In their scrap yards, the more common metals are stacked in piles for customers to browse and chose what exactly they want to purchase. The metals that are not purchased are sent to smelting plants or mills where they are melted down and used as ore. This process helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, about 200 million tons of CO2 every year, by requiring less energy to manufacture products from virgin ore. In addition to collecting and recycling, scrap metal businesses also sell the non-ferrous metals they strip, in C & D Scrap metals case they sell over 100 tons weekly. Because of the increase in export marketing to China and India, metal recycling has a significant economic value and is rarely discarded. In order to assess if there are any management or employee issues, we needed to conduct interviews with a few members of management as well as employees. The first round of
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interviews was with the President and CEO of C & D Scrap Metal, Dennis Laviage. Preliminary questions were asked to get an evaluation of the methods and processes used by management to motivate employees. The second round of interviews was with Jeff, vice president, and Vicki Grimaldo, administrative assistant and office manager. Three employees were also interviewed at this time of whose employment time ranges from 14 to 19 years of service. An emotional intelligence test was also given to Mr. Laviage. Throughout this project, our point of contact has been Vicki Grimaldo, 713-862-5588. First to be discussed is Organizational Design. Organization Design is a formal guided process for integrating the people as well as information and technology of an organization. It is used to form a purpose within an organization in order to seeks to achievements. The outcome of the design is to ensure that the collective efforts of members will be successful. C and D’s Scrap Metal’s organizational design takes on a huge role when determining the company’s work output.
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Team 1 - Progress Report Team 1 The organization our group...

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