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Paper and Presentation Topics Communication, Negotiation and conflict resolution -Management walks around the yard at least once a day.  Every morning the management  and employees get together for a safety meeting.  Discuss possible problems and  solutions.   Organizational design     :    Organizational design is the creation or change of an  organization’s structure. If you have a job, belong to a club, or participate in sports, then  you belong to a type of organization. Imagine if your group had no structure — no  organization. Things would get messed up pretty fast. what is it?  Management, reception and employees.  The management informs employees of their day 
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Unformatted text preview: to day responsibilities. Management evaluates company performance. Management handles correspondence with customers. Reception assists management by directing calls and organizing and filing necessary paperwork. Employees carry out the day to day operations. And how is it consistent with the organization purpose and culture? Should it be altered? This structure does well for C&D. Each person knows their role and responsibility in the company. There is good communications between each division. I don’t think it should be altered....
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  • Organizational design   Organizational, Reception assists management, conflict resolution ­Management, Presentation Topics Communication, safety meeting.  Discuss, company performance.  Management

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