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Physics 2213 Homework #10 Spring 2009 Read: Chap. 30 - intro., sections 30.1-3 (thru bottom of p. 1038 + Ex. 30.5 on p. 1040), 30.4 Chap. 31 - section 31.6 (thru bottom of p. 1081) Learning Goals: (Be sure you understand where and how each goal in each assignment applies to our homework, discussion, lecture, and lab activities.) * Define inductance and explain how it arises as a magnetic induction effect. * Distinguish between mutual inductance and self-inductance. * Calculate the self-inductance of a solenoid, given its geometry. * Explain how LR circuits work, and mathematically relate initial and final currents and voltages to resistances and inductances. * Draw graphs showing how currents and voltages in LR circuits vary with time. For extra practice: Chap. 30: Q's #Q30.1, 3-7, 11-13; E's & P's #1, 7, 11, 13, 19, 21, 23, 61, 67 (not quizzed) To be prepared for Wednesday-Friday, April 8-10, at your 2nd weekly Discussion section: Q30.2 [Transformer] #30.9 & 30.10 [Inductor] #30.60 [LR Circuit]
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