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Henry Osmar Salas Lazo Reflection on Film Politics of Latin America Prof. Smith 13/02/07 Maquilapolis is a documentary about workers in Tijuana's assembly factories, the maquiladoras. These factories are the multinationally-owned assembly plants which dominate the economy of the U.S.-Mexico border region, employing over a million people. This unique documentary tells the story of globalization from the personal perspectives of Carmen and a dynamic group of Mexican maquiladora workers who together are working towards creating solutions to the complexities of life in a globalized and polluted city. Moreover, this film shows the cruel reality of women who are each dealing with the
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Unformatted text preview: hardships of environmental toxins, labor rights abuse, infrastructure, and housing issue. What I found interesting about this documentary was the interaction between the workers of the maquiladoras and the viewer: a storytelling process in which the workers with cameras could have a voice in their own representation. Furthermore, the victorious resolution of cleaning the “metals y derivados”, an abandoned factory, by the government is inspiring, as we can observe in the movie that activism can have an impact on our society....
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