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EAS120Y schedule wk 2 - Vocabulary#1 Memorize katakana TB P...

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EAS120Y 2008 Schedule Daily Schedule Outline: Week 2 ~Lesson 1~    TB = Textbook, GB = Grammar Book, RB = Reading Book, WB = Workbook Note: This schedule is subject to change during the semester. You are responsible for keeping track of any changes announced in  class. Week 2: Textbook Lesson 1 Date In-class Quiz Preparation Review Due 09/15(M) - Lesson 1 Grammar Katakana - Memorize Vocabulary   (GB: pp. 12~13) - Read GB: 16-17 - Read GB: pp. 16~17 - WB:PL38~39, 17, 21 - Listen to Audio  09/16(T) - Conversation Katakana  
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Unformatted text preview: Vocabulary #1- Memorize katakana - TB: P. 9 (B1~4), P. 11(C1)- Listen to Audio - WB:PL39~41, - WB: L1-1~2- Listen to Audio 09/17(W)- Conversation- katakana- Memorize katakana - TB: P. 10 (B5~7), P. 11 (C2~3)- Listen to Audio - WB:PL41~42- WB: L1-3~4- Listen to Audio 09/18(R) Bring the Reading Book ※- Listening- Reading - katakana Grammar #1- Memorize katakana - Listen to Audio - TB: PP. 12~13- WB:PL43~46- Listen to Audio HW #0 (WB: Preliminary Lesson 21~26)...
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