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Form A Please print the following information CLEARLY . Last Name ________________________ First Name ______________________ Student ID ________________________ Section Number _________________ ========================================================================= CHEMISTRY 140C Midterm II May 22, 2001 Dr L.D. Burke spring 2001 READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY 1. ALL INSTANCES OF ACADEMIC DISHONESTY WILL BE REPORTED. 2. NO CALCULATORS ARE PERMITED. 3. DO NOT OPEN THIS EXAM UNTIL TOLD TO START. 4. THIS IS A CLOSED BOOK EXAM. Please put all notes, books and papers away NOW. 5. Please fill out the top of this sheet clearly. Do this NOW . 6. Choose your words carefully for answers requiring an explanation. Written responses MUST be NEAT and in complete sentences, not in note form or single words. 7. YOU MUST STOP when asked to do so by the proctors. Exams handed in a few minutes late will not be accepted . 8. You should attempt all of the questions, so do not spend too long on any one question. Topic Points Possible Points Awarded I. Organic Reactions pg 2 ______30____ ____________ pg 3 ______30____ ____________ II. Reaction Mechanisms pg 4 ______30____ ____________ pg 5 ______15____ ____________ pg 6 ______30____ ____________ III. Organic Synthesis pg 7 ______30____ ____________ pg 8 ______35____ ____________ Total Points _____200____ ____________
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Student Name ________________________ points ______ 1 Organic Reactions ( this page = 30 points ) Provide the major product(s) that would be expected upon completion of the multistep reactions below. Include relative stereochemistry where necessary . 1.
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01s_140c_mid2a - Form A Please print the following...

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