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Critical Leadership

Critical Leadership - Management 3030 Critical Leadership...

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Management 3030 – Critical Leadership and Management Skills Spring 2008 Section 002 and 003 Fundamentals Timing: T/TH, Sec. 002 12:30 – 1:45 p.m. and Sec. 003 2 - 3:15 p.m. Classroom: KOBL 300 Professor: Susan Heinzeroth TA: Kristen Grebenik, [email protected] (additional TBA) Contact Information Phone: 303 489 9265 Fax: 303 321 9282 Email: [email protected] Office hours: By Appointment: T & Th 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Room – Cubical Space 215 Required Texts Warren Bennis, On Becoming a Leader, Basic Books , 2003. Paulo Coelho , The Alchemist, Harper San Francisco, 1993. Course Objective This course is about leadership. It is designed to broaden your thinking and strengthen your understanding of the characteristics of leadership. During this course we will explore some fundamental theories and skills associated with effective leadership. We will also emphasize how to apply them in the “real world.” The journey this semester will focus on: Developing your Leadership Philosophy , Developing - Self-Awareness , o Personality Characteristics, o Intentions and Values, o Strengths, o Challenges, and o Communication Skills. Inspiring you to lead from your head and your heart . Prerequisite: BCOR 2150: Principles of Management Management 3030 Page 1 of 17 Spring 2008
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Course Outline This course is divided into three parts. All of the activities, exercises, readings and guest lecturers for this course are related to one of these three parts: 1. About Leadership 2. Your Personal Leadership Journey 3. Team Perspectives on Leadership and Followership Expectations This course is designed as an interactive experience of leadership concepts and theories . This course requires you to think critically, reflect on your experiences, analyze the leadership styles of others and to begin to understand and formulate your own leadership philosophy and style. Performance Evaluation – core assignments: Key Learnings Bennis Chapters 1 – 10 200 Individual Homework #1 200 Team Collaboration #1 200 Individual Writing #1 - The Alchemist Paper 200 Team Briefing Project 400 Class Participation (Discussion Documents, Engagement) 300 1,500 Note: Late work on any of the assignments will not be accepted and will result in a “0” for that component of the grade. Written Assignments For ALL written assignments please use the following format: 1” margins, Typed, line spacing = 1.5, font size 12, Proper spelling and grammar expected Stapled or bound (upper left corner if stapled), Last Name, Page number and date in footer of all pages in a smaller font, Name, Student ID, Course and Section Number in upper right corner/or center of cover page, Proper bibliography and citations required for all written assignments. This standard format applies to all class assignments defined in this syllabus.
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Critical Leadership - Management 3030 Critical Leadership...

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