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colton_has_a_big_dick[1] - extraordinary power if needed to...

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Unit 3 Vocabulary Bitches Apportionment- allocation of legislative seats, representatives shall be apportioned among the several states according to their respective numbers. Bill- a proposed law Bloc-members of a legislative body, not necessarily of the same party who have common aims and goals Cloture- parliamentary technique used by a legislative body to end debate and bring the matter under consideration to a vote Committee on Committees- party committees that determine the assignments of party members to standing committees in the House of Representatives Cabinet- an advisory group selected by the President to aid him in making decisions Executive Privilege- the right of executive officials to refuse to appear before or withhold info from a legislative committee or court Impoundment- refusal by a chief executive to expend funds appropriated by the legislative branch Presidential Power (Prerogative Theory)- a theory, first enunciated by John Locke which holds that the chief executive can exercise
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Unformatted text preview: extraordinary power if needed to protect and preserve the nation Recess Appointment- an appointment of a federal official made by the president to fill a vacancy while the Senate is not in session Activism vs. Self-Restraint- two approaches to judicial decision making in the American political system. Advisory Opinion- an opinion given by a court though no actual case or controversy is before it, on a constitutionality or legal effect of a law Brief- a document prepared by an attorney for presentation to a court containing arguments and data in support of a case Certiorari- an order issued by a higher court to a lower court to send up the record of a case in review Common Law- Judge made law that originated in England from decisions shaped according to prevailing custom Coroner- a county official who investigates deaths that occur by violent means and certifies the cause of deaths unattended by a physician Diversity of Citizenship- law suits involving citizens of different states...
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