NSC1306 STUDY GUIDE - NSC 1306 Test 4 Review Fall 2006 1 Know the three categories of hormones 2 Know the differences between hormones and

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NSC 1306 Test 4 Review Fall 2006 1) Know the three categories of hormones. 2) Know the differences between hormones and neurotransmitters. 3) Know the three main classes of gonadal hormones. 4) Know how and where hormones are released. 5) Know the roles of the various hormones and structures throughout the menstrual cycle. 6) Know how the hypothalamus controls the anterior and posterior pituitary 7) What are hypothalamic releasing hormones? Give some examples. 8) How is hormone release regulated? 9) What are the two internal reproductive ducts? Name some structures for both. 10) What is bipotential tissue? What structures in this tissue form what structures in the developed male and female? 11) What are some sex differences in the brain? What is the aromatization hypothesis? 12) How does behavioral development change with perinatal hormones? 13) Be familiar with the gender identity cases in your lecture notes. 14)
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