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Problem Set Lect 10 – Neuron death 1. Describe the differences between programmed cell death or apoptosis and necreosis. 2. T/F and explain: Neurotrophins allow for more neurons to be generated. 3. Why was snake venom used to study NGF and what was found in this experiment? 4. What are 2 possible mechanisms of TRK elicit a cellular response? 5. A specific neuron in called DC48 is destined for apoptosis in c. elegans. What would be 
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Unformatted text preview: the observed cellular phenotype in the following mutants. Your options are A live, D ead or persistant corpse ( PC) a. Ced 4 ko b. Ced 9 ko c. Ced 6 and ced 6 double ko d. Egl1 ko e. Egl1 and ced 4 ko f. Egl1 and ced 9 ko 6. Title all the previous mentioned genes as pro or anti-apoptotic factors....
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