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Bio Exam 2 - 1 The branching patterns of the evolutionary...

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1) The branching patterns of the evolutionary tree of life are based on a rich array of evidence form A: Fossils, DNA sequencing, Metabolic processes 2) Although Darwin’s voyage aboard the HMS Beagle took him around the world, most of his observations on natural history were made on the continent of ____ and its nearby islands. A: South America 3) Which of the following statements about Darwin is true A: He had a keen interest in geology 4) Based on the large numbers of offspring produced by many organisms, Darwin proposed that mortality was high and only a few individuals survived to reproduced. He called the differential reproductive success of individuals with particular variations. A: Natural selection 5) Which of the following is false A: Evolution is associated more with Darwin than with Wallace, because Darwin provided more evidence in support of evolution than Wallace did 6) ??????????Which of the following statements about mutation is false A: only rarely does a human carry a new mutation in his life or her genome 7) ??????????Natural selection works directly on A: the phenotype and indirectly on the genotype 8) Which of the following is an example of environmentally induced variation? A: all the above a= water fleas grown b= plants collected c= limpets growing d= leaves on the same tree 9) Which of the following is not a reason why trade-offs constrain evolution A: sexual selection for large size and weaponry shortens the life span of their possessors 10) ??????Mutations A: Are changes in an organisms DNA, and maintain and generate genetic diversity 11) Evolution occurs at the level of A: Population
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12) Which of the following can act as a constraint on the evolutionary process? A: there is a trade-off between the cost and benefit of an adaptation, the occurrence of rare catastrophic events, such as meteorite impacts can disrupt evolutionary patterns, all evolutionary innovations are modifications of previously existing structures.
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