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Class notes exam 2 - and polymerase • Overhang filling or...

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Class Notes 9/12/07 DNA – deoxyribonucleic acid Genetic information Hereditary information Evolutionary information History Late 19 th century – G. Mendel – genetics Early 20 th century – chromosome theory – something in the chromosome carries genetic information 1940’s – DNA is the genetic material 1953 – DNA structure proposed 1970’s – DNA sequencing available 1950’s and 1960’s – central dogma – genetic code deciphered 2000’s – human genome was sequenced Eukaryotic DNA is packaged nicely into chromosomes 1 m long DNA strands should be stored in a portion of the cell Its activity has to be precisely regulated Number of genes and DNA size does not correlate with the complexity or evolution of species Chromosomes contain replication origin, centromere, telomeres in their DNA sequence Mitotic vs. interphase chromosome
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9/17/07 Practical use od DNA polymerase (in vitro) Real experimenta use: Klenow fragment of polI:composed of 3’ to 5’ exonuc
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Unformatted text preview: and polymerase • Overhang filling or removal: make blunt ends of restriction digested DNA fragments • Taq polymerase: no 3’ to 5’ exonuc activity DNA repair • When it happens? Replication or after replication • What kind of damages induced? UV damage (bulky lesion), point mutation, chromosome breaks, simple mismatch • What will happen to cell? Cell cycle arrest and induce apoptosis or cance • Detect, excise, and repair Werner’s, Bloo’s syndrome – mutations in helicases – progeria Xeroderma pigmetosa – mutations in many genes involved in DNA repair – cancer prone Homologous recombination: highly conserved mechanism, can be a DNA repair mechanism DNA synapse – base pair forming between complementary strands of 2 DNA molecule Holliday junctio – reciprocal exchange of 2 of the 4 strands present,…contains 2 pairs of strands; then become isomerized (rotate) During mitosis, recombination can also occur...
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Class notes exam 2 - and polymerase • Overhang filling or...

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