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Chapter 9 - Chapter Nine Lecture Notes Physical and...

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Chapter Nine Lecture Notes Physical and Cognitive Development in Middle Childhood Ann Bancroft: Polar Explorer First woman in history to reach both the north and south poles She an family members were born risk takers Family encourages her to be physical and adventurous Suffered from dyslexia Her life is an example of attitudes shaping physical and cognitive development ASPECTS OF PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT Growth o Slows during middle childhood o Weight doubles between ages 6-11 o Height: about 2-3 inches each year o Girls retain more fatty tissue than boys o African American boys and girls grow faster than Caucasians Nutrition and Sleep o Children need about 2400 calories per day Less than 10% of calories should come from saturated fat o Children age 9 need approximately 10 hours a night Should be alert in the daytime Motor Development Recess-time Play o Rough-and-tumble play: Vigorous play involving wrestling, hitting, and chasing, often accompanied by laughing and screaming. Seems to be universal o Games tend to be informal and spontaneous o Boys are more physical o Girls tend to favor games with verbal expression (jump rope) Organized Sports o About 40% of 9-13 year olds participate in organized athletics o To improve motor skills, sports programs should Offer a variety of sports Coach towards skill building, not winning HEALTH, FITNESS, AND SAFETY Obesity/Overweight o Why Is Childhood Overweight a Serious Concern? o In one national survey, 23% of 9-13 year olds engaged in NO free-time physical activity o Interferes with health related quality of life o Overweight kids fall behind peers in physical and social functioning o Ten to suffer emotionally and compensate by indulging themselves with food treats 1
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o Causes of overweight o Results from an inherited tendency aggravated by too little exercise and too much of the wrong food o School-age kids today spend less tie than the kids of 20 years ago on outdoor play and sports o Many communities physical edu has been cut back o Many kids aren’t as active as they should be o Prevention and Treatment of Overweight o Less time in front of TV and computers o Healthier school meals o Education to help children make better food choices o Regular physical activity o Parents should address eating patterns before the child becomes overweight o Overweight and Childhood Hypertension o Hypertension : High blood pressure. Other Medical Problems o Acute medical conditions: Illnesses that last a short time. o Infections, allergies, flu, warts o Chronic medical conditions: Illnesses or impairments that persist for a least 3 months. o Vision About 13% of kids under 18 are blind or have impaired vision Kids under 6 years tend to be far-sighted o Hearing Around 15% of 6-19 year olds have some hearing loss o Asthma A chronic respiratory disease characterized by sudden attacks of coughing, wheezing, and difficulty in breathing. Chronic respiratory disease (about 12%)
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Chapter 9 - Chapter Nine Lecture Notes Physical and...

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