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Chapter 12 - Chapter Twelve Lecture Notes Psychosocial...

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Chapter Twelve Lecture Notes Psychosocial Development in Adolescence Focus: Jackie Robinson, Baseball Legend THE SEARCH FOR IDENTITY Identity: According to Erikson, a coherent conception of the self, made up on goals, values, and beliefs to which a person is solidly committed. Erikson: Identity Versus Identity Confusion Identity versus identity confusion: Erikson’s fifth crisis of psychosocial development, in which an adolescent seeks to develop a coherent sense of self, including the role she or he is to play in society. Also called identity versus role confusion. Psychological moratorium: In Erikson’s theory, a “time-out” period that is provided by adolescence. Fidelity: In Erikson’s theory, the virtue attained in the fifth crisis, involving sustained loyalty, faith, and/or a sense of belonging to loved ones. Resolving identity crisis o Successful resolution to fidelity Feeling of belongingess to friends or family Identification with a set of values o The danger is identity confusion Although some degree of confusion is normal Adolescents form identity by synthesizing earlier identifications into a new pshycological structure Identiy forms as young people resolve three major issues: the choice of an occupation, the adoption of values to live by, and the development of a satisfying sexual idenity Components of identity Adolescents attempt to resolve three issues o Choice of occupation o adoption of values
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Chapter 12 - Chapter Twelve Lecture Notes Psychosocial...

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