ENGR 2600 MAU Spring 2006 Project 01

ENGR 2600 MAU - Use the data from the textbook dataset Ex02-09 as seen on p 27(This part just warms up your Minitab skills Page 2 Obtain a dataset

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ENGR 2600 Modeling and Analysis of Uncertainty Spring 2006 Project #1: Analysis of observational study using Minitab 14 Student Edition Due: At the start of class 03. Work alone on this project. (In later projects, you will work in teams, but now you need to learn to use Minitab by yourself.) Hand in a two-page report, as follows. Page 1. Reproduce and print a tiled display like the one below. The four windows show descriptive statistics, histogram, boxplot, and dotplot.
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Unformatted text preview: Use the data from the textbook dataset Ex02-09.txt as seen on p. 27. (This part just warms up your Minitab skills.) Page 2. Obtain a dataset of engineering interest to you (from the literature or the web, for example), input it into Minitab, and analyze it using a few summary statistics and graphs. Write a paragraph-length description of your data and the results of your analyses....
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