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Your RIN Number: ____________________________________ TA: Adam Petrie MAU Spring 2006 Exam 1 Section 5 (M/R 8:30-9:50 am) Academic integrity Work entirely alone. You cannot share notes, books, calculators, etc. with anybody. Feel free use the textbook and any other written materials, as well as Minitab, Excel, Maple or whatever software you feel you need. Do not connect your laptop computer to the network. Any email or instant messaging activity will be considered prima facie evidence of cheating. Do not disclose the contents of the exam to any students in other sections. Instructions Do not write you name anywhere on this exam; use only your RPI RIN number. This allows us to grade without favor or prejudice. There are 6 questions, each worth 10 points. We will grade the exam out of a maximum of 50 points, so you could score 60/50 = 120%. Where a numerical answer is called for, your response will be marked either right or wrong (no partial credit), so be careful with your calculations. The only exception is
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