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presidency paper

presidency paper - Lockwood 1 Stephen Lockwood AP...

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Lockwood 1 Stephen Lockwood AP Government: Period 2 Ms. Flanagan 5 February 2007 George Is Just Doing His Job In 1787 the United States Constitution was drafted by 55 of our founding fathers with the intent of creating a form of government that was invincible to the trials and tribulations our country may face in the future. A specific part of the United States Constitution is Article II, in which the powers granted to the president of the United States during his term in office are purposely outlined. However, the United States Constitution has been interpreted in many different ways, allowing former presidents to surreptitiously work their way around and within the boundaries of the constitution. By doing this many legal scholars have claimed that these presidents have “expanded” their enumerated powers in order to affect their national policy so that it meets their own personal goals. In a specific argument, many people believe that George W. Bush, our forty-third president, has illegally broadened his constitutional powers surrounding his approach to the War In Iraq. Contrary to that statement, I believe that George W. Bush as commander in chief is allowed to dispatch more troops in Iraq, hold terrorists at Guantanamo bay, and use an intensified domestic spy program to keep terrorism out of the United States even if it means expanding powers within the constitution just a little bit. The War in Iraq is a sore subject for many Americans, as the opinions of each citizen seem to correlate with their political lean. Recently, president Bush has “planned to send 21,500 additional combat troops into battle” (Weisman) to help put an end to the so-called “disaster” going on in the Middle East. Currently our efforts in Iraq have been discouraging to American
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Lockwood 2 citizens at home due to the way the media has portrayed information to the public about the war. President George Bush realized the effect the war has had on citizens, but has also realized that as a country we mush finish what we have started. It’s simple, the more manpower we have in Iraq, the quicker the war will end allowing our soldiers to come back home to their families, making everyone happy. The fact that President Bush dispatched more troops really sparked the attention and disapproval of many anti-war advocates within the United Sates. Their main argument against Bush was that he did this unconstitutionally, however, “Under the Constitution, lawmakers have the ability to declare war and finance military operations, while the president has control of military forces”(GOP Senator Challenges Bush to War Powers). Having control of military forces simply means that the President may present orders to congress on the amount of forces he would like to send into Iraq, along with the logistics of the war itself. Congress does obtain the power to control the budged for the war, which could ultimately “check” Bush’s orders for sending more troops. However, since congress has yet to follow through with
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presidency paper - Lockwood 1 Stephen Lockwood AP...

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