gamerfreak - A passage that I found interesting was one in...

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Stephen Lockwood May 6, 2008 Cat 3D TA Katrina White Word Freak Analysis Probably the most outstanding approach that Fatsis uses to give the reader an interesting edge into the book is his use of first person analysis. He gets onto such a personal level with all of the players in which he associates himself with during the process of writing this book. He is able to put on paper exactly what happens when he hangs out with these characters. He not only tells us as readers how specific events happen, but he includes details about what is going on in their surroundings. Examples of this are his exact conversations and scenario’s that occur while they are talking or playing scrabble in hotel rooms at scrabble tournaments. By doing this he gets almost to an intimate level with the players, and it makes me feel as if he is not just a journalist to them but also a friend (considering how he maybe unintentionally makes it sound as if most if not all of these players have no other friends or social life outside of scrabble).
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Unformatted text preview: A passage that I found interesting was one in particular about GI Joel Sherman. It states, But he has no collection of word books, or any sort of books, for that matter. I dont read(Fatsis 119). Personally, this is very intriguing because I feel that I build the majority of my vocabulary off of my effort to read. Reading helps me not only learn new words, but also understand their meanings and the context in which they may be used in a sentence. Word Freak also state that not only GI Joel Sherman memorizes words just for the word and how it will help him succeed in scrabble, but neglects to learn its meaning. I feel that this is foolish, and even though he may strive to become a better scrabble player and knows so many words, his lack of knowledge disables him to implement those words into his life, which seems like a complete waste of time and effort....
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gamerfreak - A passage that I found interesting was one in...

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