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Essay #1 - Ian Ally Essay 1 Socrates View of Death In the...

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Ian Ally Essay 1: Socrates View of Death In the several different dialogues regarding Socrates we’ve read this semester, the topic of death plays a central role in the philosophical matters that are present. Socrates, considered by himself to be a true philosopher, has a set of rules or guidelines of how one should live their life from day to day. One of these rules involves the matter of death. Being a true philosopher, Socrates view of death is quite simple; you don’t know what it is, so why fear it? He recognizes the fact that though many may speak about gods, or what may or may not happen after death, no person for sure knows what will come, so to fear something you don’t know anything about, is foolish essentially. This idea of his is displayed throughout the different dialogues read. In the first set of readings from Euthyphro , one can start to get a feeling of how Socrates thinks and what his view on different matters would be like. Regarding death, Socrates doesn’t go into it directly but acknowledges that at some point, when a person dies he or she will be judged by god/the gods involving pious/impious matters. It isn’t until the Apology that Socrates explains his view of death. He says when speaking to the men of the court room, “You see, fearing death, gentlemen, is nothing other than thinking one is wise when one isn’t, since it’s thinking one knows what one doesn’t know. I mean, no one knows whether death may not be the greatest of all goods for people, but they fear it as if they knew for certain that it’s the worst thing of all. Yet surely this is the most blameworthy ignorance of thinking one knows what one doesn’t know (Pg 45 29a-29b).” This is quite a simple explanation of what Socrates view on death is, in that it does not make sense to fear something you cannot control or even more, have
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Essay #1 - Ian Ally Essay 1 Socrates View of Death In the...

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