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annotation 7 with notes - -still working and teaching-has...

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Lawson Death and Dying Spring 2009 Annotation Prompt #7: Due April 15 Instructions: Based on your understanding of the assigned readings and class discussions, answer the following question with a thoughtful, 2-3 page response. Outsides sources are unnecessary, but you may use sources as long as you cite them. All responses must be uploaded through the SafeAssign database in the “Assignments” tab in Blackboard to be considered for credit. Write a short paper comparing and contrasting Morrie Schwartz’s and Randy Pausch’s outlooks on dying (the major themes of Tuesdays with Morrie and The Last Lecture) in a larger religious/philosophical and social context. How would you characterize (describe in distinct, defining detail) each of their viewpoints? What do you think are the most important comparisons or differences to note? Who’s viewpoints do you most agree with and why? Age Morrie – already old -retired -kids grown -lived a full happy life Pausch- very young, in his prime
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Unformatted text preview: -still working and teaching-has very young children-has not lived a full life-still has unfinished business Disease Morrie – ALS-slower death, debilitating-lots of time to think about whats happening-total dependence on others-counts on friends-doesn’t want to burden family Pausch – Cancer-fast death-not a lot of time to get affairs in order-painful chemo-appears to be healthy for long period of time-relies on family-spends most of his time with family Occupation Morrie – Professor – Sociology-studies people and reality-friends with students Pausch – Professor – Computer sciences-studies alternate reality-mentor to students Outlook Morrie – talks about death-possibly because he dealt with death at an early age-Pausch – talks about living-achieving dreams-wants children to remember him and know he loves them-pausch’s family was very optimistic, supportive-never dwelling on the bad things (hard test –fighting germans)...
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annotation 7 with notes - -still working and teaching-has...

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