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art final terms - Dada embraced political anarchy the...

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Fauves – from the French word fauve “wild beast” an early 20 th century art movement led by henri matisse for whome color became the formal element most responsible for pictoral coherence and the primary conveyor of meaning collage- a composition made by combining on a flat surface various materials, such as newspaper, wallpaper, printed text and illustrations, photographs and cloth. Futurism- An early 20 th century movement involving a militant group of Italian poets, painters and sculptors. These artists published numerous manifestos declaring revolution in art against all traditional tastes, values, and styles and championing the modern age of steel and speed and the cleansing virtues of violence and war. Dada- an art movement prompted by a revulsion against the horror of world war 1.
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Unformatted text preview: Dada embraced political anarchy, the irrational, and the intuitive, the art produced by the Dadaists was characterized by a disdain for convention, often enlivened by humor or whimsy readymade Precisionism/PrecisionistsNew Negro Arts Movement/Harlem Renaissance Naturalistic Surrealism Biomorphic Surrealism- Automatism- in painting, the process of yielding oneself to instinctive motions of the hands after establishing a set of conditions such as size of paper or medium within a work is to be carried out De Stijl- “the style” an early 20 th century art movement and magazine founded by piet mondrian and theo van doesburg, whose members promoted utopian ideals and developed a simplified geometric style. action painting/gesture painting Pop art...
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