art history paper yayyyyyy

art history paper yayyyyyy - April 30, 2008 Dr. Gold Art...

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Dr. Gold Art Heritage II During my experience at the Metropolitan Museum of Art I came across a piece of art that I feel normally wouldn’t catch my attention in the Pop Art corridor. Not only was I interested in all the aesthetic elements that made up this work of art, but since I’m not as familiarized with this style, I thought it would be a great challenge and learning experience to observe and analyze something different. The piece that I will be analyzing in further detail is titled Pie Rows, which is a brush and black ink on paper that was painted by Wayne Thiebaud in 1963. The subject of this piece is pretty self explanatory in correlation to the title. Like many of Thiebaud’s other pieces, the composition consists of multiples or duplications of food (pies in this matter) that are neatly assembled in rows facing the audience. This is one of the most significant visual elements that brought me into the piece. It’s simplicity and frontal presentation is very bold and to the point, which is very different from other master works that I usually enjoy observing. Being very crisp and clean, the strong blocks of ink that cast definite shadows on the left sides of the pies seemed very clearly recognizable. Thiebaud’s methods in which he conveys his work seems to be very well thought
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This note was uploaded on 04/14/2009 for the course ART HISTOR art herita taught by Professor Susannagold during the Spring '09 term at Temple.

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art history paper yayyyyyy - April 30, 2008 Dr. Gold Art...

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