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Finale Study Guide - US involvement Fall of Arbenz,...

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US involvement Fall of Arbenz, Somoza-Sandista Final Study Guide GUATEMALA 1. How would you explain the regime of Estrada Cabrera a. Manuel Estrada Cabrera (1898-1920) i. El Presidente ii. During United Fruit Company 1. Connected to railway building in LA , electrical power, bananas, and coffee iii. His regime seen as a hazard iv. A lot of repression – had mental problems in the end 1. Wouldn’t eat anyone’s cooking besides his mothers v. US supported him at one point (bc of UFC) vi. Had 15 ppl that protected him – thought they plotted to kill him so he had them executed vii. After becomes mentally ill – is overthrown – US doesn’t help 2. What was the significance of Ubico’s policy vis-à-vis the Indians? a. Jorge Usbico (1931-1944) ends debt peonage of Indians in 1934 b. Government takes control of labor system vagrancy laws : have to work 150 days and Indians must work 2 weeks in road construction if they cant pay a certain tax c. Although the Indians no longer have debt peonage the government manipulated it so that gvmt controls labor system instead of planters 3. What is meant by continuismo and how does Ubico fit into that concept? a. Continuism : running for office again b. like dictators – have good weapons, repress, run for office, change constitution so they can run again and again c. Ubico is forced out because he wants to change the constitution again i. Military decides this has to stop ii. Discontent of various social classes 4. What is meant by the term “spiritual socialism”? a. Arevalo ruled through social spiritualism b. This was seen not as a move for a better economic system of Guatemala, but rather as a step toward the liberation of the imagination of the oppressed Latin America. c. He views it is against the other isms. Calls for the dignity and nationalism (major words) of man, helping others, and ultimately developing the full man. d. Arevalismo is how to carry out spiritual socialism e. People have dignity what’s an example of how to carry it out – social spiritualism 5. What was the PUA? a. Anti communist unification party. b. Made up of rich people who get tired of Arrevalo’s program. c. They didn’t think he was going to go that far. i. Calling him a communist is a character assassination. ii. Point of reference is Ubico. d. Right wing elements against Arevalo
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e. Oligarchy/the church f. Anti-communist unification party Really against Arevalo 6. What was the nature of Arevalo’s reform platform? a. More so dignity rather than nationalism. b. Rather become proud of who you are and of your country. c. Constitution of 1945 and Reforms i. Political Reforms 1. Established a new constitution guaranteeing democratic government rights and civil rights for all citizens 2. Dissolved secret police and vagrancy law 3. VL: forced people to work 150 days on coffee plantations aw well as three weeks on public roads w/o pay a. Sent old guards into exile ii. Voting 1. All males can vote regardless if there illiterate or not
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Finale Study Guide - US involvement Fall of Arbenz,...

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