Ethics Final Exam #1 Love

Ethics Final Exam #1 Love - #1 Love Love has no survival...

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Unformatted text preview: #1 Love Love has no survival value but gives value to survival; life has no better gift to give. Lewis is conveying his belief that one cannot live off of love, but it gives one the ultimate reason to live. Love in friendship is that of a small group of individuals, perhaps only three to five people, who share a common interest and want in something; they do not want each other. Friends are equal and metaphorically stand beside each other and share equal respect for each other, regardless of the others past. In a circle of friends each person brings something different to the relationship and the circle does not function the same if one friend is missing. The friends will not interact in the same way if one person is no longer there because their relationship is special and vital to the circle. Friendly love or philia does not contain passion and is never a love affair because passion is only non-centered selfishness. Passion is a personal want that takes from another, whereas friendship is non-centered selfishness....
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Ethics Final Exam #1 Love - #1 Love Love has no survival...

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