Ethics Final Exam #2 Courage

Ethics Final Exam #2 Courage - sufficient element in...

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#2 Courage “Cowardice is everywhere despised and bravery everywhere esteemed” (44). We are faced with difficult decisions in life and without courage we would not have the strength to make the right and just decisions. I am taking the definition of courage to be the ability to overcome fear in service of the best outcome for others, for a good virtuous result. To me there can be no courageous terrorist because a terrorist believes that he is moving on to a better after life when he dies thus he selfish by killing himself. Fear is a requirement of courage, but is not enough to qualify a person as being courageous. A terrorist, for example, may have been a strong person to make the ultimate sacrifice but because he sacrificed innocent lives for an immoral outcome he is not courageous. The ability to overcome our fears in a selfless way in search of a virtuous product is what true courage is about. Comte-Sponville says that “fear is both a necessary and a
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Unformatted text preview: sufficient element in courage” (51), but I disagree because while overcoming fear must be present it isn’t all of courage. To have courage one must be selfless and overcome a rational fear in the name of a virtuous cause to accomplish something worthy. In the example of Don Quixote, he cannot be considered truly courageous because he is irrationally afraid that the harmless windmills are monsters. He isn’t courageous either because he did not accomplish anything but overcoming his own fear and seeming self-interest. However, if we did consider people to be courageous even when they were afraid of irrational things (like windmills) we would not accomplish worthy causes. To be courageous it is essential to overcome a rational fear in a virtuous way for other’s best outcome. A courageous person will lead a fulfilling life because he will make the right decisions that lead to the best outcomes and therefore make him happy....
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Ethics Final Exam #2 Courage - sufficient element in...

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