bioM - Fall 2009: updates since Spring 2009 are in red...

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Fall 2009 : updates since Spring 2009 are in red 135 Department of Biochemistry and Cell Biology INTERIM CHAIRPERSON: Robert Haltiwanger ASSISTANT TO THE CHAIR: Ann Fuhr DIRECTOR OF UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES: Harvard Lyman Faculty Paul M. Bingham, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Harvard University : Novel approaches to cancer chemotherapy; the biological basis of human origins, evolution, and history. Deborah Brown, Professor, Ph.D., Stanford University: Structure and function of membrane microdomains and caveolae. David Bynum, Professor, Ph.D., Dartmouth College: Cell Motility. Recipient of the State University Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1988; recipient of the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1988; recipient of the National Science Foundation/ Presidential Award for Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring, 2002. Vitaly Citovsky, Professor, Ph.D., Hebrew University: Nuclear targeting;intercellular communication in plants and chromatin remodeling. Kevin Czaplinski, Assistant Professor, Ph.D.,University of Medicine and Dentistry, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School: mRNA transport and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression in the nervous system. Neta Dean, Professor, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles: Role of glycans in genetic disorders and fungal pathogenesis. Dale Deutsch, Professor, Ph.D., Purdue University: Molecular and cell biology of endocannabinoid action. J. Peter Gergen, Professor, Ph.D., Brandeis University: Drosophila developmental genetics and the mechanisms of translational regulation. Robert Haltiwanger, Professor, Ph.D., Duke University: Role of glycosylation in signal transduction events. Bernadette Holdener, Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Illinois-Chicago: Protein folding and trafficking in mouse development and signal transduction. Nancy Hollingsworth, Professor, Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle: Analysis of meiotic chromosome recombination, synapsis, and segregation in yeast. A. Wali Karzai, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University: A system for protein tagging, directed deregulation, and ribosome rescue. William Lennarz, Distinguished Professor, Ph.D., University of Illinois: The biosynthesisand degradationof glycoproteins in yeast and animal cells. Huilin Li, Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Science and Technology,Beijing: Structure of eukaryotic chromosome replication origin recognition complex. Chang-Jun Liu, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology: Biosynthesis of plant natural products and structure-function relationship of key enzymes n natural product biosynthetic pathways. Erwin London,
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bioM - Fall 2009: updates since Spring 2009 are in red...

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