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Neuron Glia Biology AIMS AND SCOPE Neuron Glia Biology publishes high-quality original research articles reporting significant findings in the field of neuron–glia interactions, but reviews and concise summaries of relevant research are welcome. The scope of interest encompasses studies on cell–cell communication between cells in the brain and peripheral nervous system, including glial–glial, neuron–neuron, neuro–glia vascular or immune system interactions. Studies of cellular or molecular mechanisms of cell–cell communication during development, information processing, and disease, via diffusible messenger molecules, growth factors and cytokines, membrane receptors, channels and transporters, cell adhesion and extracellular matrix molecules are of interest. Methodological approaches including ultrastructure, live cell imaging, electrophysiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, transplantation, to investigate such biological processes as synaptogenesis, synaptic plasticity, nervous system development, morphogenesis, process outgrowth and regeneration, information processing, myelination, and activity-dependent communication between neurons and non-neuronal cells are appropriate. Research studies with medical implications are welcome, provided they are based on new findings in basic science. Issues are printed on a bimonthly interval, and individual papers are published continuously on-line ahead of print. There are no figure or page charges. ORIGINALITY AND COPYRIGHT To be considered for publication in Neuron Glia Biology a manuscript cannot have been published previously, nor can it be under review for publication elsewhere. Papers with multiple authors are reviewed with the assumption that all authors have approved the submitted manuscript and concur in its submission to Neuron Glia Biology . A Transfer of Copyright Agreement must be executed before an article can be published. Government authors whose articles were created in the course of their employment must so certify in lieu of copyright transfer. Authors are responsible for obtaining written permission from the copyright owners to reprint any previously published material included in their article. MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION AND REVIEW Neuron Glia Biology accepts electronic submission of manuscripts, allowing authors to benefit from faster review and earlier, online publication. Authors should submit their manuscripts online to . Authors who are unable to submit online should contact either of the Editor-in-Chiefs for assistance. For the purposes of reviewing, high-resolution graphics are not necessary; authors may submit low-resolution or pdf versions, but should ensure that they are of sufficient quality for viewing on-screen or by laser printing. On acceptance, high-resolution versions should be submitted, along with high-quality hard copies, to the publishing office. Full instructions and Help function are available on the site.
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ngb_ifc - Neuron Glia Biology AIMS AND SCOPE Neuron Glia...

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