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Intro to WebAssign - Intro to WebAssign

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Intro to WebAssign (Homework) MACE JOHN RANDALL MA 141, section 007, Fall 2008 Instructor: Kyle Thompson Web Assign Current Score: 14 out of 14 Due: Wednesday, September 3, 2008 10:00 PM EDT Description This assignment will introduce you to WebAssign and how it will be used in this course. Instructions To answer some of these questions you will need to read the student guide, which can be accessed at any time by clicking on "Help" in the upper right corner. Please note the correct answers to this assignment for future use of WebAssign. The due date for this assignment is past. Your work can be viewed below, but no changes can be made. 1. 2.5/2.5 points Using WebAssign WebAssign allows you to submit your homework online. It works from any computer with a connection to the Internet and a recent version of the most common browsers. To better understand how to use WebAssign, please answer the following questions. (a) If an assignment covers material that has not been addressed in class, what should you do? get very upset ignore the assignment until the material has been covered in class contact WebAssign check with your instructor (b) Who is responsible for setting or changing the due date of your assignment? your teacher or someone designated by your teacher WebAssign staff (c) Who makes your assignments in WebAssign? your teacher or someone designated by your teacher Intro to WebAssign ... 1 of 7 11/20/2008 10:04 PM PDF created with pdfFactory Pro trial version
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WebAssign staff (d) Which browser is known NOT TO WORK with WebAssign? Netscape 4.5 America On-Line 4.0 Internet Explorer 4.0 (e) To protect your answers after completing and submitting an assignment, what should you do? close your browser window let someone else use your browser before quitting exit your browser or click the logout link at the top of any WebAssign page (f) Why is it a bad idea to reload a page? Depending on how you arrived at the page, reloading or refreshing may resubmit your assignment and use up one of your submission allowances. On the other hand, any unsubmitted answers might be lost and you would have to redo your work. It is a good idea. (g) Which of the following MUST be enabled on your browser? (Select all that apply.) JavaScript cookies none of these (h) Which of these is a correct statement about completing your assignments? If your Internet connection goes down at the last minute, WebAssign will know
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Intro to WebAssign - Intro to WebAssign

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