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Exam 1 ECE3076 Computer Networks Spring 2007 Name: Section: 4 problems Total points: 40 Time: 80 minutes Be a smart exam taker: do what you know first, and show work.
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Problem 1 Problem 2 Problem 3 Problem 4 Total 1. (12points) Multiple choice questions. For each question, please check all listed assertions which appears to be correct. Note that there may be more than one correct assertions for each questions. (a) (2points) Application layer protocols such as HTTP and SMTP use the following transport layer protocol (i) UDP (ii) TCP x (iii) DNS (b) (2points) DNS does not uses (i) x TCP (ii) UDP (iii) x Port 80 at a DNS server (c) (2points) Layering : (i) The 5-layer model for the protocol stack shows physical communications within each layer for all 5 layers (ii) Transport layer protocols are running at the core network (iii) x Processes running on different hosts communicate logically at application layer (d) (2points) Circuit and packet switching: (i) x Packets from the same HTTP session may not follow the same route in a datagram network (ii) Circuit switching would always be less effective in using network resources than packer switching (iii) x Virtual circuit switching is one way of switching packets in a store and forward network (e) (2points) Email applications are supported by (i) SMTP only (ii) x SMTP and mail access protocols (iii) UDP (f) (2points) The benefits of persistent HTTP connections would be: (i) Allow the HTTP client to always download a larger number of files (ii) No benefits, persistent HTTP would lead to a waste of valuable network bandwidth
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sample-test1-08 - Exam 1 ECE3076 Computer Networks Spring...

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