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Unformatted text preview: ECE 329 Homework 9 Due: Thurs, Oct 30, 2008, 5PM 1. A plane wave field V m is propagating in vacuum in +z direction and is incident on z = 0 plane which happens to be the boundary of a perfect dielectric having permittivity 4 o and permeability µo in the region z > 0. Calculate: E = 10 cos(ω t − β z )ˆ x a) The reflected and transmitted electric fields in terms of reflection and transmission coefficients R = η2 −η1 and T = 1 + R for the described interface. Express the fields in phasor form. η2 +η1 b) The incident, reflected, and transmitted H fields in A/m units. Express the fields in phasor form. c) The time-average power per unit area transported by the incident, reflected, and transmitted waves in W/m2 units. Are the calculations compatible with energy conservation principle? Explain. 1 ...
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