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ECE 329 Homework 10 Due: Tue, April 1, 2008, 5PM 1. Using Table 5.2 from the text determine: a) C (capacitance per unit length), L (inductance per unit length), and Z o ± L C (characteris- tic impedance) for a pair of parallel cylindrical wires embedded in free space having the dimensions d =0 . 5 cm and a =0 . 05 cm. b) Inner radius a of a pair of coaxial cylindrical conductors embedded in free space if the outer radius
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Unformatted text preview: b = 3 inches and the characteristic impedance Z o L C is 50 . 2. Consider the lossy form of telegraphers equations-v z = L i t and-i z = C v t + G v. Assuming a voltage solution v ( z, t ) = e-z cos( t-z ) , express a) and in terms of L , C , and G , b) the corresponding current solution i ( z, t ) . 1...
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