IR 361 Midterm study guide

IR 361 Midterm study guide - ASEAN regionalism since its...

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IR361-South and Southeast Asia in International Affairs Spring 2009 Midterm Study Guide You must bring your own blue book. The exam will be in class on March 11 (Wednesday) and last for 60 minutes (3:30-4:30 pm). The exam will be divided into two parts: one essay is worth 70 points and three identifications 30 points (each ID worth 10 points). One essay and three IDs will be selected from the list below. Part I- Essays You are required to incorporate lecture/discussion notes and cite relevant readings to answer the following questions: 1. Historically what common experiences do Southeast Asian states share which in turn form their consciousness of a collective regional identity? How did those experiences shape unique characteristics of ASEAN regionalism? 2. Based on Realist and Constructivist understandings of international relations, assess the evolving
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Unformatted text preview: ASEAN regionalism since its inception in 1967. Which account is convincing to you and why? 3. How did key Southeast Asian states most affected by the Crash of ’97 respond to the IMF-sponsored Neoliberal economic reforms? Which political economy theory best explain their responses? You are required to discuss at least three cases including Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia to answer this question. 4. What are the main challenges to ASEAN’s aspiration to maintain its unity and autonomy in international affairs? Part II- Identifications The “Malayu Sea” The mid-17 century crisis The “ASEAN Way” “National resilience” The Bandung Conference Chiang Mai Initiative “Defensive regionalism” Thaksin Shinawatra Kinh Nyunt Jema’ah Islamiyah (JI)...
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IR 361 Midterm study guide - ASEAN regionalism since its...

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