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IR 210 Study Terms

IR 210 Study Terms - UN created in 1945 after United States...

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UN: created in 1945 after United States wanted to avoid their pervious mistake and create a stronger league which became to be known as the United Nations. EU: European Union is an economic and political union of 27 member states located primarily in Europe. The EU has developed a single market through a standardized system of laws which apply in all member states, guaranteeing the freedom of movement of people, goods, services, and capital. NATO: North American Treaty Organization. Was signed in April 1949. Key article of the treaty was that an attack on one member would be treated as an attack on all. The United States would defend Western Europe. USSR: The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. On December 1, 1991, all non-Russian republics of the Soviet Union declared independence. On Christmas day of 1991, the Soviet Union came to an end. The fall of the USSR completed the globalization of international society. SDI: Proposed by President Ronald Reagan in 1983. He wanted to use ground and space based systems to protect the US from attacks by strategic nuclear ballistic missiles. The world feared an actual nuclear war breaking out when America began the Strategic Defense Initiative which the USSR claimed was their attempt to gain superiority on nuclear missiles once again. Even though it never fully developed, the research and technologies of SDI paved the way for some anti-ballistic missile systems today Détente: French term meaning relaxing or easing. The term has been used in international politics since the early 1970’s. It was generally applied to any international situation where previously hostile nations not involved in an open war de-escalate tension through diplomacy and confidence-building measures.
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